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Ellen DeGeneres

Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular. @ellentube @theellenfund


Joined on 14 August, 2008

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I knew my producer Claudia had some wild Vegas stories. I didn’t know they were this wild.

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Why is colonel spelled like that… C? Okay. O-L-O? You lost me.

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I couldn’t not show @MichaelKeaton the impression @PeterSarsgaard did of him on the show the other day...

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.@TheKalenAllen and @Official_tWitch helped me with Day 7 of #12DaysofGiveaways. You can win everything we gave away here:

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I’m going to miss celebrating the holiday season on this show. #EllensFinalSeason

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.@IamWandaSykes told me what it was like going on a double date with @AmySchumer.

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.@iamWandaSykes helped me hand out fantastic gifts that will have everyone feeling pampered on Day 6 of #12DaysofGiveaways! Enter to win everything here:

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.@AvrilLavigne and @TravisBarker are here to perform #BiteMe.

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.@PeterSarsgaard has had the unique experience of being directed in a sex scene by his mother-in-law.

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This Christmas you can help save shelter pets by supporting @BOBS_Skechers. #thankssponsor #givingtuesday

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.@AvrilLavigne talks tattoos.

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I love this charity and everything they’re doing to help animals. All donations are being matched for #GivingTuesday @FarmSanctuary

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If you like to be active, you’re going to love Day 5 of #12DaysofGiveaways. Enter for your chance to win fitness gifts here:

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Quoted @WCKitchen

This year has again taken our team across the world for wildfires, volcanoes & so much more. None of our work would be possible without you—we are so grateful.

And today for #GivingTuesday, donations made to WCK will be matched! Help us serve more meals:

This #GivingTuesday I hope you’ll consider supporting @WCKitchen and the incredible work that they do.❤️

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Thank you for this beautiful performance Ben Platt.

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As many as 60% of LGBTQ+ young people are likely to attempt suicide. We need to change that. You can start right here by signing this letter and sharing it. #ItsNotASin

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Ben Platt, @KristenBell, and @AllisonBJanney walk into Magic Mike Live…

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Happy birthday, @howiemandel. You always make me laugh and I love you for it.❤️

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