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@bdowney2338 They’re clearly a bunch of control freaks! #MyBodyMyChoice

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#MyBodyMyChoice, in everything

#Freedom means #NoMandates

How DARE these G7 Gov'ts force this issue

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Oh NWO you don't

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Being able to make our own decisions about our health, body and sexual life is a basic human right.

,wherever you live, you have the right to make these choices without fear, violence or discrimination. #mybodymychoice, #mybodymyrights @Far_Uganda
@DiverseEmpower2 @S

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Take control of your body & future by voting for leaders who support bodily autonomy and family planning rights this November election. ✊ #MyBodyMyChoice #ReproductiveRights

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@fake_biden Overturning Roe v Wade was the dumbest move the Republicans could have made. We now have a whole demographic of women who will vote Democrat even if they're not. #mybodymychoice

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GUN OWNERS HAVE MORE CONTROL OVER THEIR GUNS THAN WOMEN HAVE OVER THEIR OWN BODIES? #gunsviolence #equality #vote #ussupremecourt #choice #wordpress #womenshealth #victimsgunviolence #humanrights #roe #womensrights #empowerment #mybodymychoice

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What are We allowing???

Obviously #MyBodyMyChoice only matters when campaigning for #AbortionRights.


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@hodgetwins #mybodymychoice right?? Except for pregnant people and our trans neighbors seeking gender reassignment.

But yeah... if you don't want a simple shot, you should be able to infect everyone around you. Hypocrites.

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I’m a proud Michigander Thank you @GovWhitmer #WomensRights #WomensHealth #mybodymychoice

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BREAKING: Judge Cunningham issues a preliminary injunction that bars prosecutors in Michigan's 13 largest counties from enforcing a law criminalizing performing most abortions.

The move keeps abortion legal in counties w/abortion clinics.

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@RSBNetwork As it should be!!! Everyone that was forced to do something they didn’t want to do should really be paying attention right now. #mybodymychoice

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Stop collecting information on users searching abortions on search engines! Period! While y’all at it also stop collecting information on the embarrassing shit I’m searching and letting it pop up in ads on every platform I use. #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights #mybodymychoice

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I have come to the decision I will no longer refer to my monthly visitor as a Period.

I will refer to it now as what it is, “Unfertilized Abortion.”

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk, that is all.

#prochoice #prolife #womenshealth #womensrights #mybodymychoice

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Please Sign & Pass On!

SCOTUS Abortion Ruling - We...

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Today I’m calling on Morrison to resign

Morrison has failed on so many levels it’s time to do the right thing & resign

👉 The lack of transparency

👉 The failure to inform Parliament of the additional ministerial responsibilities

Time for Morrison to GO

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75 years Nuremberg code‼️☝🤔🙏👇👇

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As the Vic Election draws near, @DanielAndrewsMP will be asking you to re-elect him. He will talk about how proud he is of you for the sacrifices that you made over the past 2+ yrs

NEVER FORGET he blamed YOU, never himself.
He lectured you & belittled you daily


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A hospital in Louisiana just denied an abortion for a fetus without a skull. This poor woman wants a baby that will survive, but she's being forced to give birth to a fetus doomed to die. I have no words.

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