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Wed Aug 19 2020 Portland, Oregon - Police respond to vandalism with tear gas and stun grenades WATCH: #PortlandOregon #PPD #blacklivesmatter #blm #defundthepolice #abolishthepolice

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#OneDirection2020 #HillaryClinton #StrongerTogether And Jerry prospered. Fat to stupidity he might well have become, had it #CTL #BLM #CTL #Obama

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@Captain__Vio いつもニコニコ、Captain Vio #BLM #ACABさんの傍に這いよる混沌、ふみbotですっ!☆⋆*.。

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@audleyharrison The black guy spit his gum shield out then tried to hit him on the ground. #blm

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Twitch Famous Streamers discriminates against blacks, the physically challenged, and women. Twitch should ban him. The video in the link has been translated into English.

His twitch channel is here.

#Twitch #BLM

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@bcastlemiller Your own interpretation of the Gospel of #Mary since it has NOT been given the benefit of 1000s of years of interpretation like the other Gospels since men attempted to permanently destroy it but God had a copy hidden&it came to light finally. #Christian #Jesus #blm #egalitarian

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Our emojis need an inclusive update 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️Happy Queer History Month! #Queerhistory #SexPositive #BLM #LGBTQIA October Is LGBTQ+ History Month - Black Lives Matter

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Sun May 31 2020 Seattle, Washington - Police officer pulls protester to the ground unprovoked WATCH: #SeattleWashington #SPD #blacklivesmatter #blm #defundthepolice #abolishthepolice

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@jandrewvelez @Maggie_Hassan Dude where’s your 🇺🇦 in bio? And #BLM

Don’t be half-assing it!

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@2020Fights Black Live Matter #blm

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@IneludibleTruth @kitnlov1 @lavern_spicer Lavern Spicer isn't just ignorant she's foul. Both of these pix are Lavern Spicer. Can't imagine Kamala Harris ever looking like a tattoed jailhouse stripper with a blowhole for a belly button Tweeting hatred with a catfish photo!
cc:@ElizabethAnnL16 @ListenHere12

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The world has #BLM. We had Apartheid, a Crime Against Humanity, which brainwashed racists to persecute Black people and this guy thinks it’s a “race card” #KnowYourDA

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After the white guy started winning the 1v1 fight, a group of blacks jumped on him and then a white girl came to his aid, then the blacks collectively attacked her. It's not Racism, it's #BLM politics

#CNN #BBC @AJBalkans

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Remarkable number of Norwegians in the replies who all have pronouns and #BLM in their bios who are very keen for me to know that Norway has neighbourhoods that are 80% migrant and are no-go zones. Social democracy is a parody of itself

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It didn't take this traitor one minute to throw the race card out there. The irony is that she is a useful idiot that can easily be used by the ANC because she is a slave to the position and salary. You can spin it as much as you want @ColleenMakhub, simply put you are a hack.

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After Hurricane Ian slammed Florida's coast, I made my way to Fort Myers to report on the devastation in the city's predominantly Black neighborhoods.

"Send help,” one resident told me. “They ain’t coming for us. This is a good ol’ boy town.”

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Norwegians are like, this is the worst part of town, it’s an incredibly rough and dangerous area, I’m embarrassed to be even showing this to you, and it looks like this

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