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A year of #Taliban rule gives #Afghanistan little hope via @rte

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History of female public toilets

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#Afghanistan: This should really be called the blackest day for womens rights in this era? The #Taliban de facto celebrating the subjugation of women in a way akin to slavery when confining them to their homes after 6th grade #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #women #WomensRights @ICC

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#Afghanistan: removal of all rights from women and girls by the #Taliban is a global human rights scandal and demands massive international protest - condemned to their homes after primary school a fate worst than death #WomensRights #WomensRightsAreHumanRights @amnesty @hrw @ICC

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@eddieizzard isn't brave, just another bandwagon jumping hypocrite that seeks to usurp & oppress #realwomen whilst those women are fighting tooth & nail for equality in the west and survival in so many other territories. #TeamTerf #WomensRights #IStandwithJKRowling

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The @Soc_of_Authors ‘democratic’ policies looking a little wormed when it comes to #WomensRights and its female authors.

Joanne Harris, exposed

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The librarian who defied the Taliban An incredibly inspiring woman. We need to support our fellow #WomensRights defenders and activists in Afghanistan and everywhere.

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I believe there was good Reason for that Force natur disaster (earthquake IIRC) hitting Taliban Afghanistan a short while ago 💚 #Afghanistan #womensrights #nocompulsioninreligion

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The Taliban has declared today a national holiday to commemorate the “liberation from American occupation” but few are celebrating here in Kabul. One year on, Afghanistan is poorer and more isolated. Girls cannot go to school after sixth grade.

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Don’t worry, tomorrow the outrageous doorstep incident of a woman, a sticker and the trans activist police officer will more than make up for it.
The reason #WomensRights are reported so regularly is because #transideology directly threatens our rights, that’s news.

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It’s a year since the Taliban took over again in Afghanistan.
A year since girls could study or women could go out alone. #humanrights #outrage #WomensRights
The courage of these women is incredible.

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Heads will roll in today’s editorial conference!

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Great development in Scotland 🥳 #WomensRights

Other countries need to follow - every woman should have free access to menstruation products! And they definitely shouldn't pay 22% of tax (luxury tax) on menstruation products - looking at you, Italy!😡

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A year ago, The Circle came together to support our sisters through the Afghan Women & Girls Solidarity Fund. The situation for women & girls remains critical. It is devastating to see so many women's rights brutally removed. #Afghanistan #kabul #womensrights @WAWHumanRights

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@gabehudson I'm not in the US but the religious right over here is looking your way and drooling, so I join in the tweeting now and again. You know, while I still have a voice and a vote. #womensrights #PlannedParenthood

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#islamic terrorism is the biggest challenge in these modern times.
She was captured and held as a sex slave for six months.. Wishing her harmony healing and god bless.
#WomanOnTop #WomanOnTop #Yazidigenocide 2014 #الابادة_الايزيدية

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A whole VC of UCT who happens to be a woman has bashing a young black woman's business in this high unemployment environment. Worst part she sees nothing wrong with it? We are indeed led. @EFFSouthAfrica @ANCWL_hq #womensday #WomensMonth #WomensRights #UCT @MYANC @SASCO_Jikelele

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#Talibans #islamisme #WomensRights

Afghanistan: un an après le retour des talibans, "il n'y a plus de liberté pour les femmes"

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@BevJacksonAuth @Ashworth101 never did I think I’d see this happening in the UK. #thoughtpolice #thoughtcrime #WomensRights

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We must not forget 🇦🇫 and #AfghanWomen and #Girls!!!! Their struggle is our struggle. Their loss is our loss. While #Taliban are curtailing their present, let’s make sure that they don’t steal their future. #WomensRights in #Afghanistan!!!!

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🇦🇫A year since #Kabul’s takeover by the #Talibans.
🙏🏼 #AfghanWomen have lost so much, but they are still strong,brave, and inspirational!
📢 We join our voices for an immediate accomplish of international agreements that ensure #WomensRights in #Afghanistan!

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Point of clarity: I support small businesses but I’ll never support spending money on alcohol, artificial nails, weed, especially when one doesn’t have excess cash. Call me what you like but I will not be spending my hard earned cash on the stuff. I’d rather donate it to charity

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The male president, many male politicians, generals & warlords lost the war to Talibs one year ago. But the women of #Afghanistan are still fighting. They continue to protest against one of the most repressive if not the most repressive regimes in the world, taking huge risks.

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Breaking: Afghan women once again on the streets of #Kabul protesting asking for their basic rights “Bread, Job, Freedom”


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Now that we know what committee this bill has been assigned to, we know who to target!

See the graphic below created by the lovely @MonroeCountyNOW to contact all the senators in their rules committee and their legislative assistants to tell them to keep #bansoffindiana!

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