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@LakersEmpire #westbrick was active that game 🤡🤡🤡

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@LakersNation The entire lakers brass has been sniffing cocaine over the summer maybe even crystal meth no way that over aggressive sea turtle should be doing anything but slashing to the basket.

He should be arrested immediately if seen out on the perimeter. #Westbrick

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@russwest44 I see these fools calling u= #WestBrick & it PISSED me off because I can feel your PAIN!

NO prophet or great man is truly honored in his hometown=REMEMBER that!

You're in a bad time RIGHT NOW,but remember, Blacks & @Drake started from bottom & WENT UP

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@LOLL________ yeah people keep criticizing #westbrick for all the bricks he lays... ignoring all the air balls he threw up!

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Stat stuffer #westbrick offended that @Lakers want to trade him. Thank you for playing every game, you're more dependable than street clothes @AntDavis23 butb your 💩 as a team player. #thankyounext. @russwest44 please leave we dont want to cheer for you.

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@NBAMemes #westbrick makes everyone feel like even his own teammates lol

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@thisisgame03 @BallsackSports Anyways I ain’t surpised that you defending this mentality, we’ve seen your antics with mr stat padder himself #westbrick alasas chasing W’s….. but we all know what’s on his mind #tripledouble

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Even the schedule is waiting on the #Kyrie & #Durant #Westbrick trades

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@NBAMemes #westbrick thinkin about his wardrobe

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Russell Westbrook thought he was slick 🤣

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Hearing that the full release of the NBA schedule for the 2022-23 season is not expected until after next week.

More NBA from me:

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@overtime I'd trade him for #westbrick in a heartbeat

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The @Lakers should trade RushaShot WestBrick (@russwest44) to @hornets for @MELOD1P (LaMelo Ball)! I wanna see LaMelo play with @KingJames & @AntDavis23 #NBA #Lakers #LakersNation #LaMeloBall #LaMelo #Westbrick #LeBronJames #AnthonyDavis @JeanieBuss should look into it

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@wheelerboi214 At least he hit the rim #WestBrick

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@WhyNotBr0die2 I’m sorry but #Westbrick can’t run shit. His only option is to drive to the net and turn the ball over or stand on the 3 point line and turn the ball over.

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#Westbrick in a nutshell - why is he still a Laker 🗣@KingJames

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Lakers absolutely can NOT bring back Russell Westbrook. Try to move him for spacing (ie. Buddy Hield) and someone to play the 5. Linked to Pacers. Russell, THT, 1st rd. pick and cash considerstions for Buddy Hield and Myles Turner. Who says no? #Lakers #Pacers #westbrick

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Russell Westbrook clanking a shot after yelling “Game time!” will never not be funny to me

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