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@Allllright, what can we say? You're one of the kindest people the two of us have encountered. Thank you so much! Not only for this package (which kicks MAJOR ass btw) but for everything you've done for us and welcoming the two of us in as mutants during #thelastdriveinagain

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Eating Chinese food and watching #TheLastDriveInAgain Victor Crowley. Can't wait for the new season @therealjoebob @kinky_horror @Shudder @Allllright @badtechno

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I love the guy getting his legs run over. It reminds me of terror firmer. 😂😂😂

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@pomslovehorror Trent Reznor wrote a song about this guy...

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Ah-- I've missed seeing the Drive In totals #TheLastDriveInAgain

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Jason &Cropsey aren’t the only monsters roaming the woods! Furrow fiends stalk nature in my Amazon Bestselling anthology #WILDWOOD! @paddyjackpress & @ShadowHousePub will #giveaway 1 signed ARC of this book during #theLastDriveInAgain watch party tonight!

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This week horror is on the screen & the printed page. #thelastdriveinagain & I are giving away a signed ARC of my Amazon #1 #bestselling #folkhorror anthology #Wildwood. Visit @paddyjackpress for details.
To buy a copy:

@joebobfanzine #FolkloreThursday

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The old gods speak! #Wildwood is now a #1 Bestselling paperback in Amazon's New Releases in #Folklore category-the 2nd #bestselling category it has reached! Get your own copy here:

@theboldmom #HorrorCommunity @joebobfanzine #thelastdriveinagain #goodreads

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Enjoy nature the way God intended...screaming in terror! @paddyjackpress & @ShadowHousePub are giving away a signed ARC of my anthology #Wildwood. Enter the giveaway at:

#HorrorFamily #thelastdriveinagain #giveaway #horror @PromoteHorror @theboldmom

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I have @DarthBill52 and @ThatBrowncoat 's outfits for tonight. They can fight it out who wears what! #TheLastDriveInAgain

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@hothorrorqueen Great cheesy cult classic. This was the very first film I saw via the #TheLastDriveInAgain screenings. What's even cooler is that the film's lead actress @Kellimaroney is one of my followers.

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Day 201/300!

He is risen!

#NowWatching Victor Crowley (The Last Drive In episode)

An Easter celebration for the #MutantFam #CinephileDogpile
#2010s #VictorCrowley #ResurrectionSunday

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It also stars the Crypt Keeper as a college student trying to lure kids into a life of sin with weed #TheLastDriveInAgain

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I was like my tweets aren't getting the love of last time ha ha and I realized I was using the wrong # #TheLastDriveInAgain instead of #LastDriveInAgain lol. So here's my #snacktime pic again. WELCOME TO MY CANDY STORE!

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I used to sneak into college dances and parties in high school. At 12 I was just under 6 feet and could grow a full beard. When asked what my major was I always answered communications. I never got asked any questions about my classes after that. #MutantFam #TheLastDriveInAgain

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