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Just watched #slugs so put me in the mood to see #pieces from the same director. Not feeling like looking through my disorganized movies for mine so watching #TheLastDriveIn version & @therealjoebob makes it more fun anyway @kinky_horror @TheMutantFam #HorrorMovies #gorehound

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#mutantfam and #thelastdrivein denizens please feel free to weigh in, could use your help...

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#NowWatching #Halloween, 1978 on #Shudder 🍿 #TheLastDriveIn

😍Darcy😍 🍭😋🍭 ❤️‍🔥🎃❤️‍🔥 🕯👻🕯 #HappyHalloween🕯👻🕯

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working on my Halloween season horror/thriller list. * means seen before, ** seen this season (started a couple weeks ago since I missed out last yr). Too many I've already seen on the list not enough global horror, suggestions welcome. thriller and scifi work too.

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#thelastdrivein @therealjoebob gave Brain Damage 🧠🧠🧠🧠 stars but felt that the brains were appropriate…also agreeing with @SetDarcyFree FRANKENHOOKER for the win

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@TheMutantFam @kinky_horror After hearing @therealjoebob talk during Pieces on #TheLastDriveIn marathon about the director Juan Piquer Simon, I'd love to hear him also talk about this movie as it's the same director. Some of my favorite Joe Bob's commentary was during Pieces.

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Watching #slugs. I love this gross silly movie. Another of on my long wish list of movies I'd love to see on #TheLastDriveIn @kinky_horror @TheMutantFam #HorrorMovies #gorehound #drinksandhorrormovies

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#thelastdrivein eyes activated @therealjoebob @kinky_horror @SetDarcyFree time to kick off 31 for 31 with a trip to the drive in #NowWatching Brain Damage

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Join us again Oct. 21 for this year’s #TheLastDriveIn Halloween special, Joe Bob’s Haunted Halloween Hangout with special guest [REDACTED]. #SecretScreening

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Side note, it’s fun to be live tweeting about horror again, I’ve missed this since #TheLastDriveIn ended. #DarkGlasses #ShudderSecretScreening @Shudder @ShudderCanada

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Wiped out, but TONIGHT: #TheLastDriveIn version of HALLOWEEN. #MutantFam

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@Fadingarcader @CatalinaQuerida Here’s the link - it works for all movies, we play it outside of #TheLastDriveIn all the time!

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@Inyourwildestd5 @Shudder Gonna be a fun night going from this straight to the #thelastdrivein

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Well, turns out the Secret Screening on @Shudder is Dario Argento’s “Dark Glasses”. I haven’t heard too many good things, but Dario’s late career hasn’t exactly been stellar… so we will see! #DarkGlasses #Shudder #Giallo #Argento #MutantFam #TheLastDriveIn #TheHomeForHalloween

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It's good seeing some of my #TheLastDriveIn friends here tonight. #TheHomeForHalloween

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Time to see what other secret screening is!!! #Shudder #MutantFam #TheLastDriveIn #TheHomeForHalloween

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@kariswigart @the_JeremyKing @KirkCruz @Shudder @kinky_horror says she judging a cosplay contest right now. Maybe it will be a live #TheLastDriveIn from Fargo.
Harless 🥷

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May being on @Shudder is making me hope that it’s a part of #TheLastDriveIn Halloween special! @kinky_horror @TheMutantFam

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30 minutes until our SECRET SCREENING live on Shudder TV! Have you guessed the movie?


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@mykal91781731 @laclair_matt @KirkCruz Shudder is doing a secret screening of a movie at 10 pm eastern on Shudder tv. We are going to live tweet with the movie. It could be #TheLastDriveIn released, but I believe they would advertise that. 👍

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Yo I’m ready for #TheLastDriveIn Halloween show so I have something to tweet about besides my horrible wrestling takes.

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