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#AEWRampage is slowing becoming more entertaining than #SmackDown . Also #JadeCargill vs #Statlander will offer so much more than many think.

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Statlander trying not to laugh after slapping Stokely hahahahaha

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So darn fun. What a delightful contest 😍

I can’t wait till everyone catches up and sees how F’N awesome Red Velvet is 🙏🏻

Small gripe - Athena & Anna coulda come out together. Idiots 🤣

#AEW #AEWRampage #RedVelvet #Statlander

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@RealBrittBaker ROSA - getting screwed over by aew ! ! , britt - you are the top female act in aew ! ! , even though rosa beats you on a regular basis ! ! , ask tony why #STORM #SOHO #STATLANDER aint on #DYNAMITE ?? if you wanna see these awsome women you need to watch #DARK ????

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Mmmm sono un po' combattuto per quanto riguarda la questione del titolo #TBS.
Da una parte sono contento dei cambiamenti al team di Jade ma, detto questo, forse avrei lasciato il titolo per #Statlander?
Non vorrei che ora lei sia finita al secondo posto

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AEW Rampage Results (05/27) – New TNT Title Unveiling, Ruby Soho Vs. Kris Statlander - Statlander #Statlander -

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People are upset to see Ruby freakin’ Soho go over because they’d rather see the girl who can’t cut a promo on a PPV. The girl who’s whole ‘new gimmick’ is that she’s not pretending to be an alien anymore?


#RubySoho #Statlander #AEWRampage

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Repackage #Statlander and she gets over with new look/attitude. Have her job out to Soho who hasn’t connected yet with fans or lived up to expectations. Not how you successfully execute a push mate.
Not rooting against Ruby but this isn’t her time

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My Regalness, @RealKingRegal #Statlander has a lizard NAMED Boots! Not "lizard boots". She's not a terrible person I promise!! @callmekrisstat this is a terrible miscommunication! #AEWUnrestricted

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A mega champion.
Much love and respect beautiful.

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@callmekrisstat I love this lady... my best of the best. #Statlander 😍😘😘😘

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There was a couple mis q's in that one but those ladies made it work well done #hirsch #statlander

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AEW: Kris Statlander verso il progressivo abbandono della gimmick da “aliena” - #Statlander #verso #progressivo

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Popping so loud #DMD . I freaking #Statlander but that was pretty dope #AEWdynamite #AEW

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Ahh the #Statlander effect

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B3CCA 2021 HIGHLIGHT — getting booped on #AEWDARK 😵‍💫

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@Machobeard4life If we are going by the general opinion then #Statlander is still state of the art in the power game, no?

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A man in a Canadian tuxedo falls in love with an alien, completely unaware that it's supposedly a dangerous scientific experiment that's taken refuge on Earth and is now hiding from its creator and those who see it as a menace.
#Disneyliloandstitch #Statlander #OrangeCassidy

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#STATLANDER: the coolest chick in all the galaxy

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