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The bus fight in @shangchi is one of the best fights in the MCU. 🚌 🌆
#marvel #shangchi @SimuLiu @MarvelStudios

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I can't be the only one who still wants to see @SimuLiu in a Spider-Man suit sometime
#SpiderMan #shangchi

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Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings was a ton of fun. I enjoyed the movie. Asian representation was nailed well, loved the cast's chemistry, and the action was good. I did think the mega magic stuff in the climax was unnecessary tho #ShangChi (2/4)

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Have you heard the BIG news? #ShangChi and The Legend of The Ten Rings is BACK on the BIG screen TODAY! See it for $5. 🎟:

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I find it bittersweet to feel #Encanto, #ShangChi, and #BobaFett restoring the usual order in which I care about Disney's pillars.

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Take a look at the amazing #VFX work in #ShangChi! 🤯 Who knew there were so many face replacements?!

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This @prequelapp is cool!
It makes me look more presentable at the least 🤣
#prequelapp #prequel #shangchi #vampire #vampireloki #loki #robin #itsme

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#ShangChi et la légende des Dix Anneaux ( DVD Blu Ray )

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CONCURSO| ¡SORTEO MEGAPACKS BLU-RAY™ Shang-Chi y La Leyenda de los Diez Anillos!| PLAZO LÍMITE PARA CONCURSAR: 30 DE ENERO| Bases de participación en: #ShangChi #Sorteo

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.@BBCClick has released this interesting video featuring Sean Walker ( #VFX Supervisor) and Karl Rapley ( #Animation Supervisor) talking about the #visualeffects work made by @weta_digital on the final battle of #ShangChi:

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Movies aren't real.

Me watching a completely imaginary CGI, helpless Dragon in #ShangChi having its soul drained away:

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Everyone, listen to #ShangChi. Get vaccinated.
#Covid #vaccines

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#shangchi got vaxxed. Be like Shang-Chi

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Ouço pessoas dizerem que Shang Chi é um filme que não se sustenta sozinho e em parte, isso é vdd, depende e retrata algo maior que ele mesmo com diversas referências... como uma pequena peça do quebra cabeça, dizendo "estou no mcu" o que não tira em NADA a sua beleza #ShangChi

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Insecure S5, Venom 2, Shang Chi. #insecure #venom #shangchi

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#MoonKnight is coming soon! Catch up with the #MCU's movies and TV shows to prepare. Here's our "Cape Order" watch list to guide you. #Avengers #GuardiansofGalaxy #SpiderMan #ShangChi #Marvel #Hawkeye #DoctorStrange

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As a @UNICEFCanada ambassador I have seen the organization's efforts to deliver vaccines to underprivileged families around the world. It's a reminder of how lucky we are to be living in places where vaccine delivery and storage are not an issue. Please, PLEASE appreciate that.

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I lost my grandparents to COVID last year. They were still waiting for their vaccines. I'm fortunate to have been double-vaccinated and boosted when I got COVID 2 weeks ago. Felt like a cold.

The media needs to stop spotlighting opinions that are not rooted in facts or science.

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