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@StephanieJunio6 True that. Plus the grift from the rampant corruption brought to us by the frightwing Federalist Society and dark money hijacked #SCOTUS in citizens united. #EndCitizensUnited #EndDarkMoneyCorruption #VoteBlueOrWeAreScrewed

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Women Are The New Black. The Supreme Court Tells Them To F**K… | by William Spivey | May, 2022 | Medium - via @pensignal #SCOTUS #ROEVWADE

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@EnglishCodeWord @realJohnACastro The argument can be made that @RalphNader was a closet George W supporter too--AT LEAST preferring Bush over Gore.

#RalphNader knew what would happen when he ran in 2000.

And THANKS TO NADER we got all the below-- plus even more #SCOTUS nightmares...


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Well I guess it sort of explains why they got nothing done 🙀
One said yes and #SCOTUS said NO!!!!!

ScoMo breaks silence with extraordinary text -

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There should really be more conversation about how three right-wing extremists suddenly became #SCOTUS judges, how another right-wing extremist #SCOTUS judge’s wife played a key insurrection role and who paid off a Democrat judge to stand down.


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@guardian 40 % of Americans are fundamentalists who take the Bible literally. The anti-secular/LGBTQ/Abortion @GOP and the NatCon #SCOTUS use „Free Speech“ to deny „Separation of Church and State“ and rewrite history and scientific facts that fits to a „Nation under God“… what a dilemma🙃

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Something I've wished for forever. ALL men, ESPECIALLY the males on #SCOTUS & the #GQP should be made to endure.

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A Reliable Supreme Court?
Is that the one that overturns it is own decisions. #SCOTUS
Good luck with them.

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#auspol there going need more than one body of #ICAC given the depth of corruption unfolding…. What with “that’s not my job” #SCOTUS signing up secretly for all ministries
Taylor appoints his former advisor and a prominent RET critic to ARENA board

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#Vote #Florida day 8 #PrimaryElection #EarlyVoting. This is an #election for local #judges while it's a primary for other offices. ALL registered voters can vote for #judges who WILL NOT be on November's ballot. Pool for #SCOTUS of tomorrow. Make a difference, #vote today.

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"We're in a battle right now in this country between liberty and tyranny.” #MarkLevin is right—that truly does define the tyrannical #SCOTUS majority erected by former Insurrection-in-Chief #Trump. Tell Levin to kiss off, #YaelHalon.

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Welp. I've caused waaaay to much good trouble today.

If I do this after 1964 #SCOTUS case New York Times vs. Sullivan is overturned - like Justice Thomas wants - I'll get sued.

Guessing it does down, 5-4. Rich, powerful, corporations, billionaires will win again.


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Merry Garland thinks he’s on the #SCOTUS ?

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@ExpandMajority Incorrect. The filibuster could be removed and it wouldn’t make a single difference. #SCOTUS already stated that this is NOT a federal issue and the power remains with the state.

The ONLY remedy is to use the rarely used amendment process, and you’ll need far more people for it

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@KariDru @MayaNaut @pips300 @danzingnumbers @allenholub @SusanChappelle1 @BowmanNancy @tweetmommybop @Granikins Some people live in places w/decent laws (WA OR CA...) & don't have to think twice about it in re abortion. We need this level of autonomy at the national level. #Congress failed us for 50+yrs by relying on a non-permanent #SCOTUS decision. They knew & did nothing. #CodifyRoeNOW

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@BlackKnight10k Hmmmm, I wonder how @TheJusticeDept and #SCOTUS and @foxnews would be handling this situation/story had #44 done anything remotely resembling this shit... 🤔

Well --- I don't really wonder... I kinda know.

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If we leave it to the #gop ans #SCOTUS, they will change EVERYTHING that was put in law fir purpose to their liking. Who gives a damn about the rest of us people in the #USA! I HOPE THIS MAKES EVERYONE CONE & #VoteBlue2022 #VoteBlue #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

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@laginese @shannonrwatts Top priority along with Dobbs (plus other #SCOTUS decisions like shredding Miranda and allowing a public HS teacher coerce kids pray at football games) and the Law+Order #GOP going soft on crime &NATIONAL SECURITY while getting tough on FBI, DOJ, and the entire US Justice system.

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Garland is in hot water.

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Good thing we have a reliable Supreme Court that would never go along with Trump’s specious claims that a president has the power to give a standing verbal order, witnessed only by his sycophants, to automatically declassify everything that left the building.

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Thinking a lot about Adam Schiff’s words this week:

“He has betrayed our national security, and he will do so again… You cannot constrain him. He is who he is. Truth matters little to him. What’s right matters even less, and decency matters not at all.”

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Rand Paul wants to repeal the Espionage Act. He is a joke! Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard have been placed on a List of Russian Propagandists by Ukraine.

The list was compiled by the Ukrainian Center for Countering Russian Disinformation, founded by Ukrainian President Zelensky.

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There should really be more conversation about how Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer somehow became a federal judge!!!

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@RalphNader @algore @DrJillStein As the 2nd decade of the 21st Century ends, let's remind .@RalphNader that because he helped elect Bush instead of Gore as #POTUS 43 we got:

-Rapidly accelerated #ClimateChange

-2003 Iraq war--> ISIS

-Financial Crisis & Great Recession

- #CitizensUnited & unlimited election $$

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