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The Tell Tale Heart 💔...GOP

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16 states now have abortion bans protecting babies from abortions!

South Carolina
South Dakota

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Returning the Power to the People - RoevWade is Going the Way of the Dodo Bird #RoeOverturned #Dobbs #MondayMotivation

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They got #RoeOverturned what else do they want?
Wasn't that their whole excuse for electing a misogynist, rapist, adulterer who doesn't pay taxes, commits fraud regularly & bankrupts companies like a pro. Lies like a
rug, as my Mother used to say.

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@CCGevirtz Why do religious conservative republicans fight #sexeducation/ #birthcontrol/ #familyplanning eliminating #abortions?

Many religions mired outdated beliefs versus proven results modern world

Is @gop pro #abortion thru ignorance?

#scotus #RoeOverturned

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On June 21st, Carson v Maine was a massive win for school choice, religious liberty and parental rights - SCOTUS Wars — The Patriarchy Strikes Back #RoeOverturned #SupremeCourt #SundayThoughts

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The irrational thought process - Top 10 Roe v Wade Memes #RoeOverturned #Feminism #SundayVibes

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Abortion kills tiny, defenceless, innocent human beings.

#RoeOverturned #TheNorthisNext #Repealsection9

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Christians should be the first ones wearing masks in a pandemic, the first ones condemning dictators, the first ones welcoming refugees, the first ones opposing police brutality, the first ones demanding gun control—not the last ones.

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@JudicialWatch @Nidaki @TomFitton Big Pharma had #RoeOverturned to hide astronomical miscarriage rates.

#SCOTUS didn't fall out of bed & say let's revisit #RoeVsWade just for shits & giggles.

Subtract 2021 total abortion from 2019 totals to see.
The 9 month lag is just now hitting.
Births down 16%.

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In their cunning short-sightedness, Democrats neglected to establish a legal framework in the SCOTUS, focusing on identity politics instead - Roe v Wade Overturned by the Will of the People #RoeVWade #RoeOverturned #SaturdayVibes

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does life begin? What happens when you insert a pee-pee in a vajayjay? Even after humanity walked on the moon, those questions remained without an answer. - Feminists, I Just Solved Abortion! Hear Me Out #RoeOverturned #Breaking #SaturdayMotivation

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Please make it stop. #roeoverturned #women

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RBG said RoevWade is not the way the Supreme Court should work - RoevWade is Going the Way of the Dodo Bird #Dobbs #RoeOverturned #SaturdayThoughts

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NEXT at 11:00 pm ET SCOTUS #RoeOverturned has harshly impacted women's reproductive freedoms in nation's red states. @robinmarty of West AL women's center & Amanda Allen of @lawyeringproj share truth of criminalization of #womenshealth. @chcradio

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Tonight, I heard the Texas legislature may consider a bill to force women to carry every frozen embryo they’ve banked, or force those women to let other women carry and keep their children. I want to scream.

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All these #Democrat supporters talking about #DonaldTrump is this and that but whose guy is in the #WhiteHouse while there is higher food and gas prices, Russiakilling innocent people in Ukraine &people going insane threatening because of #RoeOverturned though, theirs: #JoeBiden!

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This will trigger progressive mass psychosis - SCOTUS Wars — The Patriarchy Strikes Back #ProLife #RoeOverturned #FridayVibes

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Abortions are only 3% of what Planned Parenthood do - Top 10 Roe v Wade Memes #RoeOverturned #ProLife #FridayMotivation

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The @GOP and the Right are looking at this whole #MarALagoFBIRaid all wrong: they should consider #DonaldTrump the sacrificial lamb for getting #RoeOverturned. After all, #MerrickGarland would never have become AG if they hadn't blocked his appointment to the Supreme Court!🤷🏾‍♂️

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