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Yeah I’ve seen it everywhere. Seems like they’re closing in.

I heard they may let him coach Saturday but win or lose he is OUT after that.

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Great #run 🏃‍♂️ late this aft. 75 degrees in #Oklahoma in December! Roasting a melange of 🥦 veggies 🥕 while listening to @tinydeskconcert. So far #YoYoMa @JohnMorelandOK & now brilliant #Brazilian #guitarist #FabianoDoNascimento. Enjoy 😉 your evening.

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HAVE YOU SEEN HER? Mustang police are searching for Kayla Stillions, who was last seen in the Mustang area on November 29.

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Someone in the #Oklahoma athletic department has confirmed that Dabo Swinney will be the new Head Coach of the #Sooners with Brent Venables as defensive coordinator.

Drake will make the announcement tomorrow. This is 100% done!

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#Oklahoma #Christmas
Cc: @bcclarkjewelers @Magic104KMGL

Me: it's not Christmas until after my birthday
My daughter: nah it's already Christmas but we will pause it on your birthday
Me: it's too early
My daughter:

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@ZachWolchuk @ChiofaloSports it’s not true and honestly don’t even know where I found this. But you think it’s a possibility? #Oklahoma #SoonerNation

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Don't let anybody tell you otherwise, the military requires vaccinations.The #CovidVaccine is no different. It's exhausting hearing all of the lies put out by #Oklahoma politicians and the repub party. @Okla_OAG is a liar. @shanejett -liar, @GovStitt -liar. PRO-LIFE MY ASS.

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Are you people fully on the crackpipe now? A quick search of the internet on the US Military's website will show the LIST OF REQUIRED VACCINATIONS. STOP the bullshit and quit lying to everybody you can get your hands on. Try this #BeBETTER #Covid19 #OKLAHOMA YOU ARE HORRID.

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I know he deserves a @NFL head coaching position, but #Oklahoma should try to have a talk with Eric Bieniemy. #BoomerSooner

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Cmon #Oklahoma support my friend Kyle in his run for HD 64! 💙

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Roses are red 🌹
Violets are blue 🔵
Everyone’s abandoning ship at OU
#Big12FB #Oklahoma

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Many #Oklahoma boosters and alums have made it known to this #OhioState fan that the #Sooners would prefer not to go to the #SEC.

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Did you know December is National Write a #Business Plan month? Does your company have one in place? If not, the @SBAgov can help at .

#BusinessPlan #BusinessBrokerage #BusinessBroker #Brokerage #Broker #Tulsa #Oklahoma

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Is #Kudzu in #Oklahoma?

It can grow up to 1 ft/day! Control with triclopyr or glyphosate.

Report sightings


Photo: Chris Evans, University of Illinois, .
Used & edited under CC BY-NC 3.0 US

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BREAKING: Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor files a lawsuit against Biden Administration, asking a federal judge to block the Pentagon from imposing a vaccine mandate on members of the National Guard.

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My name is Kyle Meraz and I am running for State House District 64.

I’m an ICU RN working directly with COVID patients every day at work. Now more than ever we need healthcare workers in office.

Help me hit the ground running with a RT and a donation!

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Thank you, @Okla_OAG John O’Connor for fighting for Oklahoma freedom and standing against Medical Apartheid! Thank you @GovStitt for appointing a warrior as our AG.

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