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@RepBrianFitz 🤔🤔 Why did FBI warn GOP rep, but didn't protect SC Justice #Kavanaugh
GOP lawmaker says he was notified by FBI that his ‘life was in danger’ by ‘some of these same people’ threatening law enforcement in wake of Mar-a-Lago raid #SmartNews

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@DrGJackBrown And they should be immediately impeached from the Supreme Court. #Kavanaugh #Gorsche #AmyConeyBarrett

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The only laws the @GOP wants to enforce are those on brown people?

They don't want to punish:

molestation ( #GymJordan & #kavanaugh)
election fraud (@LindseyGrahamSC)
insurrection (Trump & 1/2 the party)

They somehow think tax enforcement is a bad thing.


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@CREWcrew @emptywheel So he knew exactly what was in all these retrieved boxes all the time?

Or is one of his crack legal team trying to find him some new clocks to run out?

Someone want to check with #Thomas, #Barrett, #Kavanaugh & #Gorsuch if they'll be #recusing?

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Trump's Timid (Non-Legal) Complaints about Attorney-Client Privilege

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@jaketapper GREAT! Maybe you can educate your colleagues about:
#Biden wanted to "beat the hell" out of #DonaldTrump, .@CoryBooker felt like punching #Trump in the face, and @SenSchumer warned #Kavanaugh & #Gorsuch "you won't know what hit you." #media

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There's NO PLACE 4 violence by anyone. But I missed #media outrage over #Biden wanting to beat the hell out of #Trump, @CoryBooker wanting 2 punch #DonaldTrump in the face, @SenSchumer warning #Kavanaugh #Gorsuch "you won't know what hit you." @mediaite

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@mschlapp How about first you explain why the FBI ignored all the credible witnesses to #Kavanaugh sexually assaulting women ??

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@frostnhstaterep Didn't the @GOP have a fit when a single person showed up, with an unloaded gun, and turned themself in to the police for going to #SCOTUS judge #Kavanaugh house? So much so they called for additional protections for them?

#NHPolitics #GQPDomesticTerrorists

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@DonaldJTrumpJr Dude - what about how daddy became #FakePresident with Putin’s help.
Or #Kavanaugh becoming a #SCOTUS justice.


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#GOP dark money stolen @Scotus
1/3 picked by Traitor criminal, sexual predator #ImpeacheTrumpX2
X2 Sex offenders
#Kavanaugh belongs in Jail accused of
drug rape

Lacking power, Supreme Court’s liberals find voice in dissent

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@DavMicRot @kilmeade Threatening judges…huh! Sounds familiar. Let me think, let me think. Oh yea; SC Justice #kavanaugh.

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Remember when #USA Hater @brikeilarcnn was upset about Schumer calling for an attack on #Kavanaugh that led to a murder attempt on him. Me neither. She’s cool with that.

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@JustEdHolder @kleavitt @goldengateblond I'm now thinking about Hitler's arguments when he represented himself for the Beer Hall Putsch.

#Kavanaugh, because🍺...

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AR-15 armed #MAGA Trump supporters in militia garb 'protest' outside Phoenix FBI office. They should've been prosecuted under 18 USC § 115 (a)1(B) - INFLUENCING, impeding, or RETALIATING against a Federal official, since their sole point is to intimidate.

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@Victorshi2020 @Hayzel1007 They only care when it’s a lying wuss like #Kavanaugh. They don’t care if someone gets fatally assaulted. They can then blame Biden.

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@lisamurkowski I’m happy you voted for it. Still can’t get past your vote for #Kavanaugh and #Barrett however. Women will determine what happens going forward in November #WeAreKansas

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@mgtkn @FrankFigliuzzi1 @DeadlineWH @MSNBC @NicolleDWallace @MichaelSteele Wray had recently said in a hearing that that uninvestigated tips info had been passed to the WhiteHouse. #FreshInfo

Trump said something to the effect of he *had saved Kavanaugh* sometime after #Kavanaugh was *cleared* for SCOTUS.

#Obstruction if tips info in Mar-A-Lago?

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@RealNoraC @joncoopertweets I'm so disturbed by #Kavanaugh being where he is. I'm not settled with his nomination testimonies. I want him highly investigated.

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@mgtkn @FrankFigliuzzi1 @DeadlineWH @MSNBC @NicolleDWallace @MichaelSteele Yes. I was thinking that maybe the #Kavanaugh tips info that was received but not investigated -as the extra background investigation had been severely restricted by Trump- might have ended up in his safe too.

Also a #NatSec (?) issue to have a SCOTUS judge on a string.

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BREAKING: FBI Director Christopher Wray admits during a Senate hearing that the Trump White House controlled which of the sexual assault allegations against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh were fully investigated. RT TO DEMAND A NEW INVESTIGATION INTO KAVANAUGH!

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