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Wwooow lol I forgot #FursuitFriday AGAIN because I was watching the Gorillaz concert 😂 so here it is on Sunday at 1am, the last one before ACFI! Who am I seeing there??

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Hari batik nasional is here. Time to dress up properly for the occasion.

"Excuse me sir, if you break the vase you will have to pay"

#fursuit #HariBatikNasional #FursuitFriday #batik

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Hey there come here and meet my friend~

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マイマイで遊ぼう! 😺✨️🐾

📽- @ChanceFurBear
#FursuitEveryday #FursuitFriday

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“cmon and join me! there’s enough space for two to be cozy!”
#SqueakySaturday #inflatables #FursuitFriday
🪡 @BleatAndBark

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POR FIN tengo fotos de cuerpo entero. Aqui estoy #fursuitfriday aunque hoy es sabado. #fursuit #furry #furryspain #furrymadrid

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POV Dogzilla boutta stomp you
happy late #FursuitFriday

🐺: @DukeDoggo
📸: @VegaWusky

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Ayer se me olvidó subir esta foto para el #FursuitFriday
Pero no es tan tarde para el #fursuitwekend
Espero estén teniendo un bonito fin de semana furritos.

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