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Very pleased to have dinocephalian prints by @clepsydrops up in my office! #drawdinovember

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@SolomonRDavid the composition of that underwater illustration reminds me of @R_Dart 's amazing #DrawDinovember series. An unconventional view!

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Dinocephalian #DrawDinovember 30(!)

A trio of tall-skulled Criocephalosaurus are flummoxed by the sudden appearance of a small Diictodon popping out of its burrow and into their path.

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Dinocephalian #DrawDinovember no. 29 #FossilFriday

Experimenting with a slightly different style for this portrait the South African anteosaur Australosyodon nyaphuli. #FossilFriday

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Dinocephalian(?) #DrawDinovember 28

This animal may or may not be a dinocephalian—it's been assigned to various synapsid groups since it was first described. But it's close enough for this series! Ladies & gentlemen, put your fricatives together for Phthinosuchus discors.

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Dinocephalian #DrawDinovember no. 27

Portrait of the robust anteosaur Titanophoneus adamanteus.

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Some folks have asked about getting prints or magnets from my Dinocephalian #DrawDinovember series, so I've taken the plunge and set up an online shop with some of my favorites available for the discriminating #synapsid connoisseur!

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Dinocephalian #DrawDinovember no. 26

Estemmenosuchus mirabilis knows November is now long past, but Estemmenosuchus mirabilis cares little for deadlines.

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A Postosuchus for my final (albeit late) entry in NotDinovember

Art (c) DemonML, Me


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I’m selling my original #drawdinovember entries for $20 each again this year. Good opportunity to own a piece of original art for a relatively cheap price. Each are 5x3inches. DM me if interested. #supportoriginalpaleoart #paleoart #art #dinosaurs

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A #FossilFriday compilation of the first 25 mini-paintings for Dinocephalian #DrawDinovember/ #Dinocephcember. It's been super rewarding to research these and see the series come together, and I appreciate everyone who has commented/liked/retweeted! The final 5 are on their way…

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Dinocephalian #DrawDinovember marches on! Entry no. 25

A juvenile Anteosaurus slinks through a fen in search of a comfortable place to snack on its recently captured varanopid.

Inspired by a great suggestion from @kuzim_za

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This is so sweet! @TheeJamesLloyd did a #DrawDinovember of me as a t-shirt-wearing, quarantine-haired, short-sighted theropod and my husband trying to calm the savage beast with some take-out. Very accurate!

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And ofcourse @PaleoRangers themselves for organizing this years Dinovember. It has been a fun and exiting month,I got to try some styles and learend a lot of things.Looking forward to doing this again next year.Tho I will try to finish the days I missed.

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Dinocephalian #DrawDinovember no. 24

The Brazilian anteosaur Pampaphoneus biccai, caught in the middle of a high-stepping threat display.

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since it’s finished for now here are some of my faves from #drawdinovember

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Dinocephalian #DrawDinovember no. 23

November may be over, but what's a few days after 260 million years?

Today's entry: The 'Permian unicorn' Struthiocephalus whaitsi takes a rest under the changing leaves in a copse of Glossopteris trees.

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#Drawdinovember days 27-30 is Ctenochasma, Teleocrater, Desmatosuchus, and Spinosaurus. #paleoart #sketch #drawdinovember2020 #Dinovember2020

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