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And, y’all can leave my imaginary husband @FCHWPO alone too!! Let my man rest! He just played a hell of a season!👏🏾👏🏾 #celtics

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As a #CertifiedCeltic , I feel compelled to say we do NOT want KD in Boston! We don’t want to end up with another Kyrie situation. Leave our guys where they r! #celtics

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I love @FCHWPO and hope the #Celtics never trade him!

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Jaylen Brown implies he feels disrespected by Celtics fans #Celtics #CelticsNation #GreenRunsDeep #BostonCeltics

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Video: Forsberg on the dynamics of a Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant trade #Celtics #CelticsNation #GreenRunsDeep #BostonCeltics

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@FCHWPO Jaylen Brown is my favorite Celtic and has been since his arrival.

I love Al, Smart, Tatum and the team but my main guy is JB!

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Jaylen Brown appears to take swipe at Celtics fans #Celtics #CelticsTalk #CelticsNation #GreenRunsDeep

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In other news Brian Scalabrine is a moron #celtics #bleedgreen #JaylenBrown

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#Celtics Las Vegas Summer League schedule:

Sat, 7/9 vs MIA
Mon, 7/11 vs MIL
Tue, 7/12 vs GSW
Thu, 7/14 vs MEM
7/16 or 7/17 G5

Roster: JD Davison, Juhann Begarin, Malik Fitts, Sam Hauser, Juwan Morgan, Jordan Bone, Trevion Williams, Mfiondu Kabengele, Brodric Thomas, Matt Ryan +

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I really don’t care what the case is but the Celtics need to do whatever it takes to keep @FCHWPO and @jaytatum0 as Celtics for life. END OF STORY. nothing but love for our duo!
#Celtics #BleedGreen #TheJays

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Madar Decommits From Celtics' Summer League Squad, Kabengele Joins #Celtics #TeamCeltics #CelticsTalk #CelticsNation

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grant tn is for you. 🙏 we need you as our teammate. make this happen.🫡🫡🫡 @Grant2Will #Celtics

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Stop the narrative Celtics fans! You don't trade a 24-year-old rising All Star for a 34-year-old superstar. We're fine and we just need a bit of retooling.
#Celtics ☘️

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@TheRealGresh #Lightning choked at home like they were the #Celtics but at least have back to back 🏆 to show for it. 🤦‍♂️

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Keep this group together and see what happens. Build a better bench and run it back! ☘️

#Celtics #NBA #BleedGreen

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Giannis Antetokounmpo's Viral Tweet With 4 Photos On Sunday #Boston #TeamCeltics #Celtics #CelticsTalk

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Brian Scalabrine says Boston has the best trade package for Kevin Durant

“Jaylen Brown, three picks, two rights to swap and Daniel Theis.”

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