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So just finished up season 3 of #atlantafx & yikes dawg. That was some trauma. He had Kevin Samuels in this shit? I can't even imagine being an actor reading this shit. Is he trying to be the southern suburban black David Lynch? There is one more fucking season? OMG

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All caught up on #AtlantaFX just in time for the final season next month. 😭 Season 3 was a RIDE. As a fan of psych-thrillers, but with the social commentary, the times at which I laughed and cringed at the same time was constant. So good.

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Barry S02E05 was bizarre af. Thought i'd only see that shit in #atlantafx 🤣

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Alguien sabe donde puedo ver la tercera temporada de #atlantafx?

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Why is no one on here talking about how Sandra Bullock in Bullet Train looks like Teddy Perkins? #AtlantaFX

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This was in a #Georgia sky. I believe this is a sign for a lot of people.

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Well, YHWH did give this sign to Constantine and told him to conquer. I'm going to give it the old college try. What's the point in being a Christian and taking God up on His offer?

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Liam Neeson just showing up in #AtlantaFX talking about *that* incident

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Atlanta is so good #atlantafx

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Season 4 of #AtlantaFX coming soon
Season 4 of #BarryHBO coming soon
Season 4 of #SuccessionHBO coming soon
Season 4 of #TheBoys coming soon
Season 2 of #SquidGame coming

Am I missing anything??

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#AtlantaFX is teww great . Lmaooo they got the taken guy explaining himself 😭

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Lol they are watching Nollywood in London #AtlantaFX

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I see a lot of well deserved loves going to Daniel Kaluuya, Damson Idris and John Boyega but we need to start talking about Brian Tyree Henry the man has range and is becoming one of my favorite actors period. Whatever he’s in I’m watching #BulletTrainMovie #atlantafx

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Glad i took the time to check out #atlantafx all 3 seasons were pretty good.

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#atlantafx gotta bitch out here beating niggas down with a fucking bagget lmao 😂

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Didn’t manage to get pass episode 1 season 3 #AtlantaFX

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Pretty good art all through this episode too. #Atlantafx

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Lol @ Darious and this hairline!! He said “That hairline’s intense” 😂😂😂😂 #Atlantafx

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I’m in love with S3 E3. It feels so personal to me. #Atlantafx

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Working on Season 3 and it feels like everything is all making sense now. #atlantafx

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me with waves >>>>>

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